Thursday, April 23, 2020


My parents are so innovative. They recently created a hybrid Papaya seed that is able to quickly produce a very beneficial fruit during this challenging time of Coronavirus lockdown here in Hawaii. This little tree is only two weeks old and has already made it's first fruit ready for harvest. Over time, the fruits will become more-sheets-per-roll jumbo sized.

Introducing the new and improved "T.P.paya Tree".
The world is saved!

I love my parents and their creative sense of humor thru this challenging time of lockdown in Hawaii. We were just informed that the stay-at-home orders are now extended through the month of May, as well. Although being an artist, and working from home, I am not as affected by the lockdown as many are, I am finding it hard to be inspired to paint, and have recently been spending more time outdoors in my tropical garden. Adding more vegetable seeds, and of course tending to my new T.P.paya tree!


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