Monday, May 18, 2020


Although during these past several weeks of lockdown, I have been much more into gardening than painting, I was recently inspired to do a small 8x10 of my Auntie's Garden Shed, because of a funny memory.

My Great Aunt & Uncle had a large farm, and a beautiful garden with tons of veggies, including carrots. My cousin and I, when very young, decided to pick a carrot, take a bite each, and find it to be too unripe for our liking. So instead of just throwing it away, we stuck it back into the hole it had come from!
I can only imagine what my Auntie thought was going on with that bite-marked carrot on harvest day, although she probably knew.......

"Auntie's Garden Shed"
10x8 Palette Knife Painting

A slightly younger Lisabongzee at my Auntie's Farm,
one of my favorite childhood places.

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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