Friday, March 6, 2009


I recently returned from a 2 week snowboard vacation in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Beautiful... but cold. The daily average temp was in the 20's. Probably not all that bad to some of you who live in the Northeast, (in fact, some of you Minnesotans might consider that a nice spring day!). But here in Hawaii, if the thermometer goes below 65, we start to freak. Reaching for our sweats and blankets, for fear of freezing to death - living in the tropics, your blood does tend to thin. So, when I returned home last month, I was inspired to paint something that would warm me back up.

This is "Tropical Glow", an 11 x 14 oil on stretched canvas. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere, especially with world famous Diamond Head as a backdrop.

O.K., my fingers and toes are finally starting to thaw!

"Tropical Glow"

I had so much fun with this painting, I decided to do another
"Mini Tropical Treasure" and a couple of ACEO's.

"Diamond Head Delight"

"Tropical Day Is Done"

"Diamond Head Dusk"

I think I am now ready for shorts and a tank top once again!


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Miss Phillips said...

I love "Tropical Day is Done"!

Marionette said...

Lisa, my Island Sistah!
These pieces are totally awesome! I love the use of color - lavendars, pinks, oranges! Yes, they look like the lovely sunsets we have here in Hawaii!!! The top image is very much in the style of Walfrido or Tabora. Way to go Sistah!!!! Just keep on paintin'!!!