Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Birds Abound

Today I would like to share with you some of the little creatures that make my outdoor painting so enjoyable. Over the past two months, we have had several different bird families build nests in our palm trees. Painting outdoors for long periods of time gives me the chance to get acquainted with these little birds. They get so used to me being around, that they go about their business like I am not even there. Sometimes, they will even perch themselves atop my patio umbrella and watch me paint! Here is a Northern Red Cardinal couples nest that was built quite sturdily in one of my manila palms.

Mama Cardinal teaches baby to fly in my garden. Here, she is perched on top of my umbrella, chirping out orders for baby. It was pretty neat to see him try to make his first flight!!

So, he may not be the cutest thing alive, I still think he is special!

He didn't seem to know where to grasp the strongest parts of the palm, and ended up hanging on to the fronds only, doing a "birdsplits" which looked a little painful. I suppose he will learn soon enough!

Here is another nest of three baby Papayabirds.

These parents must have been playing hookey from "NestBuilding 101" class because they built their nest on a palm frond that was dying and would soon fall off. We couldn't bear the thought, and duct taped the frond to the tree base, giving them the few extra days they needed to get their babies out of the nest and flying about.

Here (on top of the fence) is Papa PapayaBird. Him and mama always provided for their babies. The babies would cry every 2-3 hours, and you could see mom and dad fly in with food for all. They were pretty good parents, even if they didn't know how to build the best nest.

Here is a baby learning to fly through the trees on our hill.

Mom And Dad are up high in a fan palm squawking out instructions to the little guy.

Here are a few other birds that reside on our hill.
A little green Japanese White Eye (Mejiro). They can usually be found in groups of seven or more.

The Red-vented BulBul. There were five in the tree, but only two weren't camera shy.

There are many many more birds that share the great outdoors with me and help to make my painting outside such a special treat. Most are too fast to have their picture taken, but that is ok, they keep me company, sing me beautiful songs, and inspire me to keep painting. I truly appreciate the fact that I live in very beautiful surroundings.


"Hey Baby.. Now that we're empty-nesters, wanna go have some fun??!!???"

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~Alissa said...

What a sweet story. You are so lucky to live with such amazing wildlife in your backyard!