Monday, June 1, 2009


Many years ago, a friend of mine had a Plumeria tree that had some of the most BEAUTIFUL flowers I have ever seen. Deep red pink that turned to a golden yellow in the center. She gave me a stalk of the tree to see if I could grow my own. I brought the cutting home and tried to propagate it. It did start to take root, and about two years later, I had something that resembled a very small plumeria tree with a few leaves, but no flowers. A few more years passed and the tree grew larger with many more branches and leaves, but still no flowers. I was beginning to think it would never bloom. Finally, last month, after FIVE YEARS of patient waiting, flower buds started to appear on the ends of the limbs. My Plumeria finally gave me it's beautiful flowers I had so longed for. It was definitely worth the wait!
They are not real large flowers yet, and some only have three or four petals rather than five, but they are still gorgeous to me! Every morning, I gather the new flowers and bring them in to decorate my home. They add wonderful color, and the fragrance of Plumeria always reminds me of the first time I stepped off the plane in Hawaii.
It's kinda silly, but I had named my tree
"Tahiti Dream" when I first got the stalk. I thought "If I can propagate this cutting and ever get it to bloom for me, I will take that as a sign that I will see Tahiti one day."
The colorfully fragrant flowers definitely brighten up my
"Island Style" bathroom.


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