Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Many years ago, my Grandma divided up a potted cactus that she had growing for quite a long time. She gave me a few of the keiki and I planted them, hoping they would take to their new environment. Grandma's cactus always seemed to bloom for her. They were large, gorgeous blossoms that had a very light fragrance, almost like after a spring rain. The color was a pale pink and the petals, so delicate and frail - definitely not something you would expect to appear out of a rugged desert plant.

Each time I talked to Grandma, she would ask if my cactus had flowered for me. "Not yet", I would tell her, feeling a little bad, as though maybe I wasn't taking as good of care of them as she had. But I think maybe they just needed time to adapt. This morning, after almost two years of patient waiting, I finally received my first flower! (Of course I had to make a special call to Grandma letting her know it finally bloomed for me!)

Believe it or not, the flower only lasts ONE DAY! In fact, by afternoon, it will start to close up, and by evening, will be drooping along the side of the pot. But what a magnificent show it displays, even if only for a few hours!

The cactus these blooms come from are round, about the size of a baseball.

A little fuzzy nub appears on the side of the cactus, and within about 4 days, it reaches approximately 6- 8" long before the flower bud appears at the tip. Then, during the night, the gorgeous flower opens up and starts it's "twelve hour show".
Don't blink, or you may miss it!

Brighton thinks the flower smells lovely!

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artbylmr said...

Lisa - That flower and the photos are gorgeous! Worth the wait for the bloom.

You should definitley paint the close-up.

Thanks for the commnets about my fair booth. I appreciate it:)

Schar Freeman said...

WOw Lisa what a beautiful flower. Patience and diligence certainly paid off no? Yes I agree there is a painting waiting for your brush here!
♥ and aloha!