Tuesday, September 8, 2009


After our botched Teton Backcountry Trip, we decided to head back down to Utah, to spend the remaining days of our vacation hiking the Wasatch Mountains. Utah never disappoints us, and this time was no exception. The wildflowers were exploding with prolific color everywhere we looked. Entire mountainsides were covered.

The flowered trail to the lakes of Brighton.

Even the rockiest terrain puts on a show for us.

Dean on a hillside covered in flowers.

A brilliant orange Indian Paintbrush stands out among the rugged mountain terrain.

I enjoy hiking through an entire hillside of red Indian paintbrush, while the hummingbirds buzz all around!!

I would expect to see this on a movie set, or at a garden nursery, but not out in the wild.... total nature.... having to hike most of the day, but to find these fields and fields of beautiful colorful flowers just sitting there, waiting to be enjoyed by anyone who bothered to come along.... it was a special treat, indeed !!!


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DiannasEye said...

How truly beautiful. And what lovely pictures Lisa. I felt like I was there too! Thanks for sharing.