Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, it's "Aloha Friday" here in Hawaii, and what a great morning it has been. My little yorkie, Brighton, and I went to the beach with my mom and dad very early, just as the sun was coming up. My parents are two of the coolest people I know (although I didn't think that when I was younger), and I always have a great time hanging out with them.

The water was beautiful, the waves were crashing against the dark lava rock shoreline and the sand just glistened. Not many people were around, as it was still early.

My mom loves to hunt for sea glass and anything else unusual that may have washed up on shore during the night. But today, as we were walking down the beach, we saw something rather amazing. At first, we thought they were just two large rocks, until we got a bit closer.... There, we saw a pair of endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals, just lying on the sand, soaking up the morning sun without a care in the world. I have seen a single Monk Seal down at this beach one time before, but never two at once. It was pretty cool!

"Can life get much rougher than this???"

Then, as we continued down the beach, there was a THIRD Hawaiian Monk Seal. I couldn't believe it! We didn't get too close, as they are endangered, you are suppose to keep back and give them their space. But Brighton wanted me to snap his picture with this guy.

After a few minutes, he popped his eyes open and seemed to say "ALOHA". He was adorable.

We continued on down the beach, hunting for sea glass, and enjoying the beautiful scenery all around.

I ended up with a small handful of seaglass,

but a great experience of seeing three beautiful
Hawaiian Monk Seals.

What a GREAT WAY to start the weekend!!


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Valerie Boersma said...

It did sound like the perfect morning for so many reasons-being in beautiful Hawaii on a beautiful day, being with your parents,(now that I am "grown up" I also think my parents are two of the coolest people I know!)and seeing the monk seals-how lucky that was! Your dog is so cute, too!
Happy Halloween to you!