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As you may or may not know, I love to snowboard, and am a huge fan of the Superpipe. And anyone that knows the Superpipe, knows Shaun White. We happened to be on vacation in Utah, snowboarding, during the Olympics, last week. So watching it there, in the snowy 5 degree weather was even more fun! I was so stoked to see Shaun obliterate the competition -- yet again!!

Watching Shaun soar over our heads at the
World Superpipe Championships
in Park City, 2007

While on a snowboarding trip a few years ago, I actually was lucky enough to get to meet Shaun White at the World Superpipe Championships in Park City. He was walking past the stand getting ready to head back up the pipe for his final run. I just happened to yell out "Shaun... we came all the way from Hawaii to meet you!!!"

"HAWAII" must have been the magic word, because he stopped and came over to me and said "I went to Hawaii once!" We talked for a while, and Dean snapped a quick photo of us, while everyone around was giving me the "Why is SHE so special" look. I actually felt a little embarrassed, but I didn't care. I was talking to Shaun White! My Snowboard Idol. Dean even gave me my snowboarding nickname, "SHAUNA White", years ago!!

Unfortunately, the visit was short, as he had to go back up the pipe for his third and final run, which was basically just a "victory lap" because he had already easily won the contest with his second run!! (Just like he did in the Olympics last week!)

Shaun launches into orbit in Park City, 2007

He is amazing, and TOTALLY MIND~BLOWING to watch in the pipe. I can't wait to see what awesome tricks he will think up next.

He inspires me to get out there and try the halfpipe and terrain parks.
(Things a 40 year old woman should probably not be doing.)
But hey.... life is short. Live it up!!!

A very stoked LISABONGZEE
after getting to meet


Check back next month for my "Two Year Anniversary" story of the event that got me back into painting.
HINT: It has to do with a ton of snow, a tree, and a couple of screws!

MAHALO for taking the time to read my blog.


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Valerie Boersma said...

Great post-I can feel your excitement shining through! And what a thrill to not only see him but actually MEET him too!
Can't wait for the story of how you got back into painting...

Natasha said...

OMG!!!!!! I LOVE this post!! You soo totally rock for yelling out to him! I love that you guys chatted AND that you got great pics including the insane air he gets!! My goal is to snowboard nect year - I will totally be talking to you before I do - you rock by the way in a major way - IM so inspired I want to snowboard right now...keep doing it! Now I'm pumped for your next post about painting - can't wait!

Felicia Kramer said...

You actually got photos - how much fun was that?!? Shaun is so cute and a great personality.

Can't wait to hear how you got into painting again - I have a feeling our stories will be similar!

Annette said...

How awesome for you!!!! I love how full of life he seems to be and I loved watching him win the gold!!

artbylmr said...

That is a great story!!! He seems very friendly and happy all the time!
One of those once in a lifetime moments to remember!

FrumsGlass said...

Wow! How cool that you got to speak to Sean for a little bit and get such great photos too. I love to watch him. He seems to have a super personality and that air he gets is just amazing.

Screws and snow might not be a good combo.