Monday, October 17, 2011


This is a painting I did a while ago, but somehow didn’t feel that it was quite finished, although I couldn’t figure out what it needed for sure. Then one day (probably when trying to clean up my studio), I put it away and forgot all about it. I recently came across the painting again, and decided now, after not seeing it for a while, that I really liked it, and there was nothing I wanted to change about it. I decided that it was, in fact, finished.

To my surprise, “Calm Waters” sold in less than 3 days, becoming one of the fastest sales I have made in awhile.
(Maybe I should clean up my studio more often!)


Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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Lily Pang said...

Congratulations! A great painting!

Mary said...

Lovely painting--I can see why it sold so quickly. Way to go, Lisa! I hope all is well with you, seeing that you have not posted for awhile. I do know from experience that a variety of events and circumstances can interrupt blogging. Take care.