Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Dean and I often try to get a quick surf in before starting work for the day. Being out in the water to see the sun pop up over the horizon is something we look forward to. Today was one of those exceptional mornings when I am so thankful to be living in Paradise.

We paddled out before dawn. The water was glassy and the waves were fun. The voggy sunrise was absolutely gorgeous, and the giant seabirds were swirling overhead. Two honu (turtles) popped up nearby, and then as it was time to head in, we were welcomed by Irma and Benny.

Irma jus' Hangin Loose

"I am Irma....Hawaiian Monk Seal.
It's a rough life but somebody's gotta do it!"

Benny was swimming around while we were out surfing, and then decided to follow us in and catch some rays with Irma.

Can’t think of a much better way to start the day!


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Valerie Boersma said...

It does look like the perfect way to spend the day-Irma and Benny are two lucky seals!

Today, for the first time in many days, the air seems breathable. I have felt sadness over the thought of missing out on the best that fall has to offer this year-like long walks though the leaves, and picking pumpkins-all because it's too smoky to safely spend time outside. Maybe there is hope after all:)

Happy Wednesday Lisa!