Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LAST FULL MOON OF 2012 ~ Lanikai Beach

What a great way to end 2012!
Last November was my first try at a nocturne painting. We had such a fun time that we decided to give it another go on December 28th, the last full moon of 2012.
We met at Lanikai Beach again and quite a few more painters showed up this time.

The weather turned out to be unbelievably perfect, which was a bit strange, as most of the week had been very windy and rainy.

There were many more beachgoers this time, waiting for the full moon show, which gave it a party-like atmosphere.

We all got to work as it got darker and darker.

And then it appeared!
It wasn't quite as spectacular as the previous time because of some low-lying clouds that blocked it's view as it inched above the horizon. But once it cleared those, the bright orange ball began to glow and received many cheers and applause from the beachgoers.

What a great way to end the year!

Here is my finished painting. I placed the moon between the Mokulua Islands just to make it a bit different from last months painting. As artists, we are allowed to move moons if we like!
I was surprised when I got the painting home and compared it with my first one, how similar they both were in color. I guess that really is how I see it.

"Last Full Moon Of 2012 ~ Lanikai"
11x14 Palette Knife Painting

Last months Lanikai Full Moon painting.

"Lanikai Full Moon"
9x12 Palette Knife Painting


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Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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B E A U T I F U L paintings and photos...thanks a bunch for sharing.