Monday, January 28, 2013

WHAT A WAY WITH WAX ! ~ A day with Marionette's encaustics

On a trip to Kauai, I met up with my good friends and fellow artists, Marionette & Dava. Marionette has her own studio, Painting Paradise, on Kauai’s southwest side, in the town of Waimea. We were planning to go to lunch, but had some time, so she decided to show us her new fascination….. encaustics.

I had never even heard of encaustics before, but she said “basically it’s painting with hot wax”. How exciting!

We all got to work, experimenting, melting colored wax with a special iron and a stylus
(kind of like a hot wax writing pen for finer detail).

Since we were new to this, our scenes were pretty basic.
Hibiscus flowers proved to be very fun to create.

And with the assortment of beautiful colors, abstracts turned out quite nice! What a great afternoon it was.

It has now been over a year since our encaustic painting party, and sad to say, I have not given encaustics much thought, but Marionette sure has. She has the “art of hot wax melting” down, and it is such a thrill to see what new encaustic creations she comes up with.

My favorites are her Hawaiian Hula Dancers.

The “flow” of the entire painting is loose, free and liquid feeling.

I still have no idea how she is able to get her beautiful Hula Dancers to come to life as they do.

She has also given Kauai landscapes an encaustic shot, with much success.

And one of my favorites is a beautiful card she hand-made for me of sparkling gold bamboo.

Since trying encaustics first hand, I can appreciate her work even more, and I am grateful to her for giving Dava and I a fun encaustic experience!

You can find an assortment of her original encaustics in her
If you would like to learn the art of encaustics, watercolors, acrylic, pastels, silk painting, and more, Marionette offers these classes at her Painting Paradise studio, and she is a great teacher!

Mahalo, Marionette!


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Felicia Kramer said...

Hey, I know those ladies!! Beautiful artists, beautiful work!

Valerie Boersma said...

Wow! I am so impressed! I LOVE your hibiscus! You are so talented, my friend! Anything you put your hand to turns out to be so amazing! And I love your shorts too-could they be your incredible thrift store find? They are pretty cool, no matter where you got them!

Aloha to you too!

Marionette said...

Mahalo Nui Loa for the AWESOME article!!! That day was so much fun and I miss you both :-) I miss you too Felicia. When are you coming back?

Aloha and Happy Creating,

TreasuresFromHawaii said...

awwwwww - so many happy memories with my two beautiful friends...Miss you guys!! (you too, Felicia!)...Marionette's encaustics and Lisa's knife paintings have evolved into such beautiful works showing us bits and pieces of both ladies' peaceful souls that I know and love - I'm sooo very proud of both of you! Love and Aloha...xoxo