Thursday, January 23, 2014


I live in a VERY small space, which is why I rarely paint large. Having a place to allow a big painting to dry undisturbed was just not an option, until now…. I present my newly improvised “large painting drying rack” also known as the “back of my truck”.

It gives me the extra needed space to paint larger, to paint thick and heavy with my knife, to not care if it takes weeks or even months to dry. It works well keeping the painting safe and free from dirt and dust, or getting bumped into or knocked over.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. Going out for groceries is not an option, and if I decide to paint any larger, I will have to trade my Xterra in for a VW Bus! But the smell of fresh wet oil paint does make a yummy car air freshener!

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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