Sunday, February 2, 2014


For the past 3 months, I have been getting ready for the Punahou Carnival Art Show. They asked me for 12 paintings this year, so I got to work, palette knife painting for many hours every single day. I was also surfing every morning and life was going great. My two favorite pastimes, completely filling up my days, I couldn’t have been happier!

And then, just as I was finishing up my last painting for Punahou, I woke one morning with a sore shoulder. I assumed it was just tired from all the excess painting and paddling. But day by day, the pain got worse. Soon, I could not dunk my board because my arm felt numb and had no strength. When I picked up my palette knife, I could only hold it for 15 minutes before the pain was too strong to keep going. That was it. I decided to give both activities a break for a while and rest up my arm. Another week went by and things were not getting any better. I finally went to the doctor and she got me into physical therapy right away. Prescription: “NO SURFING OR PAINTING” until I am healed (why didn’t they just include “NO EATING OR BREATHING” while they were at it?). It has now been over two weeks. I have not painted, I have not surfed. I feel like a fish out of water…… it is hard to find ways to fill my time (which is why you are reading this quite uninteresting blog entry).
I am still in PT, and hope it decides to heal pretty quickly so I can get back to doing the two things I love.


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Felicia Kramer said...

Sorry to hear that, Lisa! I can sympathize - I have a bad shoulder too. And a bad back and bad knees and ....
Hope the PT helps and you're much better very soon. I'm having knee surgery in the morning. Sigh.