Monday, April 28, 2014

BORED WITH MY BOARDS ~ Element Surfboard Painting

Most of my surfboards are plain white. When I see plain white, I see blank canvas. So, this past weekend, I gave my palette knife a rest and broke out my paint pens. One of my boards had a discolored fix across the back, so I created a design that would cover it up. I thought of some of my favorite things – palm trees, tiki hut, ocean and lava – and sketched them onto the board.

Then I got to work. Although I am still creating art, it is so much different than palette knifing landscapes. I do not have to think at all with this style and I find it very relaxing. The colorful paints flow from the pens and I can daydream and just have FUN!

Don’t think, just doodle!

The design needed to wrap around the sides of the board to the front, so I made the lava flow continue and turn into flames and a tiki dude.

The HIC logo was begging for some color too.

This kind of fun art can be addicting to me. I can almost see how people, once they get started with tattoos, keep going until their arms and legs are completely covered.

Although I don’t plan on getting a tattoo any time soon, I may just cover this board from rail to rail!

Eric Arakawa Element

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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