Sunday, May 25, 2014


During my two week Maui Paintcation, I decided to plein air at Ahihi-Kinau, a Natural Area Reserve just past Makena.

We got there early, and surprisingly, found it totally deserted…except for one little resident. A chicken. She was just hanging out on a large piece of driftwood, but as we made our way to my painting spot, she hopped down and followed us over.

At first, I thought she might be a nuisance, as she was checking out all of my gear, searching for a food handout, I supposed.
But as I got set up, and started painting, she just sat there, a few feet away, perched on one leg, watching my every move.

About a half hour later, a volunteer for “Friends Of Ahihi-Kinau” came by and introduced herself to us. I joked to her that this chicken is my biggest fan. She said “Oh, that’s Lil’ Girl. Someone abandoned her here as a baby and she’s been here ever since”.

I felt kinda bad that Lil’ Girl didn’t have any other chicken pals to hang around with. My entire time painting, she loyally watched from just a few feet away. She never bugged me or caused any trouble, and my painting went along smooth and easy, practically painted itself.

Brighton had no problems with Lil' Girl as long as she knew that he was Top Dawg!

Ahihi-Kinau turned out to be a perfect place to plein air. We had nice cool shade from the trees, didn’t encounter any bugs at all (maybe in part to Lil’ Girl keeping the place spic-n-span) and the sea and sky were gorgeous!

A man, a dog, and a chicken..... what more could a girl ask for!?!

By the time I finished, I had a soft spot for Lil' Girl and almost wanted to bring her back home with us!
I sure hope she is there to keep me company again next time.
I will definitely add her into the scene!

11x14 Palette Knife Painting

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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