Friday, May 23, 2014


Just returned from another great Maui Paintcation.
Here are some of the paintings I did while there.

Maluaka was the first stop. Unfortunately, the day was a bit grey and voggy, but the scenery was still beautiful. I have plein aired here before, so it was an easier transition getting back into PA-ing on Maui !

Maluaka Beach
11x14 Palette Knife Painting

We stopped at Baldwin Beach one morning, but I just couldn’t find a composition I liked. We saw another area down a ways, through a residential neighborhood. This place is known as Baby Beach (Paia), and believe me, it was packed with little keiki!
If you look the other way, towards Kahului, this is the colorful view you will see.
11x14 Palette Knife Painting

The best way to end a great painting day!

I have never plein aired a sunset scene before, so I decided to give it a try on this trip. We headed down to Ulua Beach, in Wailea, and I got to work. Unfortunately, again, the day was grey and voggy, which usually makes for some awesome sunsets, but this evening, the clouds were plentiful and pretty much blocked the sun the entire way down. It did still cast a bit of the nice orangie glow though, and I had to paint fast to be able to capture the feeling before it was gone!

Ulua Beach Sunset
11x14 Palette Knife Painting

The next morning, I met up with a few friends and we decided to paint Polo Beach. This day was particularly grey. The sky was grey, the water was grey, not to mention that it was HOT and MUGGY. It was a bit difficult to be inspired, but Polo Beach is a place I love to plein air, and once I got into it, the grey seemed to fade away.

Polo Beach
11x14 Palette Knife Painting

Pohaku is one of my favorite Maui scenes. Every time I have been here, the colors are always so vibrant. I had never plein aired here before, but on previous trips, we took many photos, and I used them to paint several Pohaku scenes once I got back home. I always enjoy painting them, so this time, I made it a point to plein air here. Pohaku is a small beach park in Kahana. It is also known as “S-Turns”. I had a perfect day here. The large trees shaded me and kept me nice and cool, the water was it’s usual gorgeous turquoise, and to top it all off, the honu were so plentiful here, they kept Dean and Brighton entertained as I painted.

14x11 Palette Knife Painting

Bry -n- me and a coconut tree.

Check back for more of my Maui Paintcation.....
coming soon!

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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