Friday, May 22, 2015


These past 7 weeks have been really disappointing surfwise. First, it was windy and choppy for the entire month of April, and then when the winds did finally die down, the water went flattycakes. You can read the surf report to get a basic idea if it might be decent, sometimes they are correct, and other times, not even remotely close to what is going on out there. You don't really know till you go.

Last Wednesday we headed back to Sandy's for the third disappointing day in a row. We found it totally flat yet again, but luckily the sunrise decided to give us a special treat and we stayed around to soak it all in. Even if we didn't get to surf, the beautiful morning sky made it worth the trip.

"Wawamalu Wana'ao"
Sandy Beach Sunrise
8x10 Palette Knife Painting

I am happy to say that this morning was the first time in exactly 52 days that the waves decided to give us something to have fun with. It was a beautiful morning, with another AWESOME sunrise - made even better by the fact that we were watching it from the water instead of the parking lot - super glassy, no wind conditions, and even a visit from a friendly monk seal to add to an already perfect morning. Guess it was worth the wait.

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork.


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