Friday, April 20, 2018

A SEA OF ORCHIDS...........

Missing some very special people in my life,
so I decided to paddle out this morning with a flower lei.

Unfortunately, the waves and rainy weather didn't want to cooperate,
so I stayed ashore.

Luckily, the tide helped me carry the orchids straight out to sea.

Although tossing a lei into the ocean has become symbolic, please take a minute to think about it. After the flowers have died and disintegrated, all that is left is a loop of string with a colorful bow. The bow is likely to attract sea turtles, seals, or other aquatic animals, that can then become entangled in the string. I prefer to cut the cord, unstring the flowers and only throw them into the sea, disposing of the bow and string at the nearest trash can. The sea doesn't need it, and the wildlife will thank you, as well.
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