Wednesday, October 10, 2018


In July of 2017, I received a beautiful orchid plant from a special family on the Big Island of Hawaii. The orchid was shipped from Akatsuka Orchid Garden Volcano, HI here to Oahu. While unpacking it, I was a bit apprehensive, as I had never kept orchids before. Although I do have quite the green thumb with outdoor plants, indoor plants don't usually do well for me. There is a wonderful garden window in my kitchen, but in the past 23 years the only plants I have been able to keep alive there were air plants and cactus.

I slowly adapted the specialty cattleya "Toshie's Pizzaz", as she is so named, to the garden window. After a few months, I rehomed her to a larger orchid pot. So far, so good, she was still green and beautiful. A few months later, a new leaf - ever so slowly - emerged, and after another few months, another new leaf.....but still no blooms. Finally, a third leaf emerged. As the saying goes "third time's a charm".

Exactly 15 months from the day I received it, Toshie's "charm" appeared as a big, beautiful, bright bloom! I was so happy. The fact that Toshie was still going strong after 457 days in the garden window was rewarding enough, but now to have something spectacular to show for it was quite a treat!

It has now been almost a week since she bloomed, and Toshie's "Pizzaz" is still showing well. I welcome every morning that I open the blinds, and there that blossom is, still as big and as beautiful as the first day. I know that the bloom will not last forever, but having to wait 15 months taught me to appreciate it all the more!

"Toshie's Pizzaz"
The deep, rich coloring reminds me of a spectacular tropical sunset.

At home in the garden window along with my Tiki H(AIR) plants and Grandma's cactus.


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