Monday, November 16, 2020


Sunday, September 20th was the saddest day of my life, as I had to say goodbye to the BIGGEST little LOVE OF MY LIFE. For almost 17 wonderful years, as many of you know, Brighton went everywhere and did everything with us - except surfing and swimming. I had never been inspired to paint my little Bryguy during those years, mainly because I thought it would be impossible for me to do with a knife. But just 10 days after he was gone, he sent me the inspiration I needed to give it a try.

During the last year of Brighton's life, he had to wear Rex Specs when he went out in bright light. I purposely picked one of these images so I wouldn't have the added challenge of trying to paint his beautiful little eyes - maybe some day, but not this time. Here is my first attempt ever at painting Bry with my knife. It is, by no means, a masterpiece, but it is my Brighton. Since he left us, my world has been completely turned upside-down and backwards, but I did feel some comfort reliving many happy memories while painting him, and now I have no doubt that Brighton's Magic Paw continues to flow through me, my knife, and my paintings.

"Garden Supervisor"
6x6 Palette Knife Painting

The Garden Supervisor giving me suggestions
on how to grow the best tomatoes.

Zucchini Inspector.

Sunflowers looking good.

All this supervising is hard work. Time for a snooze.


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