Monday, April 5, 2021

MY NEW SIGGY - Bry's Magic Paw

Brighton was my world.
He always made time for me. Whether he was sound asleep, busy licking his toes, or watching the birds out the front door, as soon as my paints came out, he would stop whatever he was doing, walk over to my easel, and look up at me. I would pick him up, he knew that it was "Magic Paw" time.
Every painting starts with the "Bry Magic Paw".
He and I would first discuss how best to go about painting the scene. Pointing all around the drawn out canvas, he would advise me of tips to get the most out of the image I was about to create, "Put the lights here, Mommy....the darks here......keep this part more subtle....make this part more detailed......don't forget to step back once in a while.....and most of all, have can do it Mommy!"
Before the first ounce of paint was ever scooped onto my knife, I would tap his paw to the canvas, then give his soft little paw a rub with my painting hand for good luck. It worked every time. His "Magic Paw" was just what I needed to construct the painting successfully, and he knew it!
In honor of my little boy, the first painting I completed after he left us, I changed my signature. It is no longer "Lisabongzee", but just "LBZ", the "B" representing a heart shaped paw.
All paintings created since then have this new signature, and I will continue to sign my work this way, just as Brighton's Magic Paw will continue to flow through me, my knife, and my paintings.

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