Wednesday, April 21, 2021


OK, so this isn't really a cherry tree, but it is a cherry tomato plant that is as tall as a tree. And today is it's 1st Birthday!
One year ago today was the start of our "Covid Garden" with the planting of this "Aina Ola UH Cherry Tomato" seed. The state was in lockdown, so we had to use what seeds, containers, and soil, we already had. Definitely not ideal, especially since the tomato seeds were already three years old. But this little cherry grew, and grew well, in only a 3.5 gallon bucket.
It is now one year later, and this plant, although quite lanky, is still in it's 3.5 gallon bucket, and still giving us an endless supply of sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes!
So there is one bright side to Covid for us, it got us back into gardening. Our garden is still thriving, one year later, and we are so grateful for the delicious treats it has been rewarding us with on a daily basis.

Happy Birthday Cherry Tomato!

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